I am a therapist and educator with many overlapping identities, but in all my work I am passionate about stories: my story, your story, our stories—how they transform, how we make and share meaning with them.

My own story used to be about escape—and it has transformed into a tale of homecoming. 

What stories do you have to tell?

I have always been a writer and adventurer.  I have always been about learning and transformation. I have always been a dreamer, and I loved Tarot from the moment it first locked eyes with my 12-year-old self. My radical spirit, intuitive mind, and deep-feeling heart would be as familiar to that 12-year-old as they are to me today. It took twenty in-between years of turbulent change, loss, and soul-recovery to be able to use those gifts to access healing for myself, and to support healing for others.

I hold a B.A. from Portland State University where I studied mythology and culture through Literature and History. I hold a Forever Space In My Heart for the year I ecstatically dropped out of Bryn Mawr College and learned my first lessons in soul retrieval in West Philly. In 2012 I co-created The LGBTQ Center OC's Coordinator of Program Development position, co-building and -delivering an entire volunteer program and training curriculum from the ground up; I co-presented a paper at The Study of Myth Symposium and finished my Master’s Thesis and traineeship.  In 2013 I co-created an extensive new branch of programming for The Center OC's mental health department, including pay for counseling interns and a broader internal training program; I presented a paper at the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology's annual symposium; I accepted a position as adjunct faculty in the thesis research and writing courses at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where I continue to work as a TA. In 2014 I finished my internship with the required 3,000 hours, and took the leap to a private practice internship in Long Beach. Now, in 2015, I deepened my practice as a licensed therapist, launching my unique Dreamwork for Survivors course, and profoundly enjoying the process of developing my work and community here in Long Beach. Moving into 2016, I am taking a hiatus from therapy as I transition into being a mother, and expect to return to work in the later half of the year.

I am continually amazed at how my story keeps evolving—and I am continually honored by the opportunity to participate in your evolving story. And I am sure it is evolving—that’s what soulful stories do! Ready to talk more? Email me, or check out one of my other projects through the links above. I love getting questions, comments, feedback, quick sketches, and spontaneous poetry.  If you resonate with my story, I'd love to hear from you.