Dreamwork for Survivors

NOTE: This circle was offered Spring of 2015, and will be offered again in the future in some iteration.

Dreams are one of the deepest sources of healing - and of strength and guidance for the healing journey - ever known to us humans.

Dreams are part of our innate survival system - a way for us to remember ourselves, make sense of ourselves, and empower ourselves.

Join a dedicated circle gathering weekly to learn about dreams and healing. Over 3 moons, we will explore our relationship with our inner worlds, practice specific tools for dream work and trauma recovery, encounter different parts of ourselves, meet new allies, and learn our own dreaming languages.

There are as many kinds of dreams as there are survivors. 

There are as many paths to healing as there are dreams.

Survivors often find ourselves with a rich and troubled relationship to our inner worlds. The dream world can feel like a puzzle, a mine field, a black hole or a total blank. And in the hustle and struggle of daily life, it's not often desirable or safe to explore these places - especially on our own.

But these dreaming explorations build deep trust - in one's self, in one's supportive circle - and begin to weave one's life into a storied tapestry full of magic and vitality.

At the base of survivorship are experiences of having one’s rightful power and control taken away. We all react in myriad different ways to such experiences, but we share the root experience of feeling out of control, disempowered. Claiming a practice that makes new roots in your power and your imagination - a practice that roots you in your ability to control how you come to your truth and what you do about it, is a revolutionary healing act. We may not be in charge of what happens in dreams, or what happened to us in our pasts, but we are in charge of how we relate to those experiences now. 

For our purposes here, a survivor is anyone coming through a powerful experience of loss, illness, or violation, and who carries awareness of this wound in understanding themself. Survivorship is a relationship with your wounds, an orientation toward healing, mapmaking in the dark. A survivor is a shapeshifter, learning her magic on the fly, dreaming up new ways to be in the world. Survivorship is ultimately about co-creating the space to remember, grieve, hold ourselves lovingly, and come into new kinds of relationships. Dreamwork naturally encourages, strengthens and supports all of these skills, and helps us experiences them in ways that show us we are not alone in this work.

This class teaches and supports dreamwork with the unique needs of survivors in mind, aiming to make a difficult space safer and give you some tools for negotiating dreaming with your needs in mind. The purpose is not to "bring up" or "process" trauma. There will be absolutely no pressure to "tell your story" or even name the factors which bring you to identify as a survivor. You have full control over how much you share with the circle - and as a circle, we will decide together on preferences around sharing, safety, and managing triggers if or as they arise.

Let's learn and dream together.

Here's everything you need to sign up:

WHEN: Thursdays, 6-8pm 4/23 through 7/9

WHERE: Long Beach, CA

Price includes weekly 2 hour circle + big beautiful pdf workbook

Full price: $50/week or $200/month

Sliding Scale: $25/week or $100/month

Scholarship: Free (1 available, please inquire)

Please purchase the first class below to sign up and receive your big beautiful pdf workbook via email. Thereafter, you can pay in person or via paypal as we go. If you want to sign up but need to pay in person, just let me know via email so I can hold your place and send you the workbook :)

Class will be small and participatory circle-style, with no pressure to participate beyond your comfort level. There will be lots of opportunities to speak, share, listen, and practice techniques with one another. Sometimes there will be art projects!

There will be no required "homework" - just committing to attend each circle. The workbook is there to guide and supplement and deepen your dreaming practice - it's full of info and exercises and totally up to you how you use it.


If you would be interested in this circle, let me know!